PRINCIPLE Private Capital Management Company is a professional financial service provider, and we dedicate ourselves to the capable investors who at the same time recognise and appreciate our governance philosophy and cultural spirits. 
     We strongly believe that capital is always motivated by the upmost returns; in that case, capital investments is no doubt a high-risk profession. And that’s why we respect our profession choices and our only working morality which is to create ten times, even dozens of times, and then much higher yields and returns for our investors.
    PRINCIPLE team consists of nearly 30 professionals, including macro strategists, economists, specialists and analysts in target areas, financial advisors, legal consultants, planning personnel and executives, who are all meticulously devoted and experienced in their areas. They are independent and objective, thorough and penetrating, tough and decisive, and that’s why our investment decisions are barely off-and-on by short-time fluctuations or suspects from outsides markets, or easily give up our judgements merely because of their contradictions to some authorities.
    PRINCIPLE adheres to one investment concept - Truth can be tested through the longevity of time. We treasure the stillness and majesty of mountains, the swiftness and vigilance of cheetahs, and the sharpness and incisiveness of knives. History has already passed, present is everything not only possibility, and the future is a brightening future.
     PRINCIPLE welcomes all qualified and dedicated investors!

PRINCIPLE Bulletin Board

1.Please contact us by email for an appointed visit;
2.PRINCIPLE do not provide public fund-raising services; if you are interested, please contact us by email for further information. The Email Address is: 
3.All the materials and backgrounds of the funds are highly confidential, and under whatever kinds of circumstances will never be open to the public.
4.If you want to buy shares of PRINCIPLE funds, please contact the information provider; after careful examination and revision, the information provider will sign a contract regarding each other’s responsibilities and obligations.
5.PRINCIPLE Address:  Moorgate Tower 42, City of London, London, UK