Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Recognizing and understanding our privacy policy will enable us to serve you better.

    PPC will not sell or share any names, addresses or other information in our database.

Why we collect personal information

    PPC collects and uses your information to enable you to conveniently access to us and to offer perfect service to you. Moreover, it is to ensure you more beneficial information that we use your information.

How we collect information

   We collect your information through your requests proposed in the following ways: to propose requests through contacts forms and email links on our website, or through mail contact.
    When scanning our website, you may anonymously perform such operation. We generally will not collect personal information even including e-mail addresses when you scanning. However, your browser will automatically share the types of computer and operating system you are using with us.
   Clicking URL is applied to certain e-mails sent to you. Clicking one of them, your information will firstly passing through our Web server and then reach your target website. We will track the click to confirm the specific themes you are interested in and estimate our customer communication efficiency.

Performable operations by you

    For any e-mails we sent, you may always decide not to receive such e-mails henceforth. In the event that you believe you mistakenly receive traditional e-mails or you want to stop receiving our print messages and mailing information, you may fax the cover letter to us, we will remove you from the database.

Website Terms and Conditions

All terms may be revised or replaced at any time.
    Use of this site constitutes acceptance of below terms and conditions of use.

Acceptance of terms of use

   The terms and conditions of use (hereinafter referred to terms of use) applicable to websites of PPC are located in These sites are owned and operated by PPC and its licensor. Use of these sites means that you have already read and accepted all of existing terms for use. Please do not use these sites without acceptance of these terms of use. Where you violate these terms of use or other rights of PPC, or you are considered committing illegal, harmful or undue behaviors, we will reserve the right to terminate your right to access to and use these sites.

Copyright and trademark

    The copyright and trademark of all materials offered on these sites are owned by PPC. Apart from below authorization situations, arbitrarily remaking, duplication, distribution, republishing, downloading, display, disclosure or transmission of these materials in any forms without prior written permission of PPC will be not allowed.


    These sites are limited to personal usage. You may not distribute, exchange, revise, sell or transmit any content duplicated on these sites including without limitation, any texts, images, audios and videos, for any business, commercial or publicity purposes. Provided that you conform to these terms of use, PPC will authorize you rights to input, display and use these sites. Such rights are non-exclusive, nontransferable and limited. You agree not to change and interrupt or attempt to change and interrupt operations of these sites in any forms.

Links to other websites

    Links on these sites to any other third website are provided only for convenience. Use of these links means departure of the current site. PPC did not audit any third website and will not assume any liability. Therefore, PPC will not express approval or make any statement against any results led by use of these websites. If you decide to access to any third website linked to these sites, the possible risks thereby will be completely assumed by yourself.

Privacy policy

   Privacy policy of PPC applies to use of these sites. Through quoting here, the terms of privacy policy will be included in these terms of use. Our privacy policy can also control use of personal information provided when you use the site.

Limitation of liability

   Apart from constraint of PPC customer agreement, PPC will not make guarantees in any forms or assume lawful liability against any guarantees.
   Any third party mentioned by PPC or on these sites will not assume liability against any damages (including without limitation damages led by profit loss, data loss or business interruption), regardless of whether such damages are caused by using or failing to use these sites, or by materials, information or service on any websites linked to these sites or any such kind of websites, also regardless of whether such damages are related to guarantees, contracts, infringement acts or any other legal basis or whether prior counsels of such possible damages from PPC were received in advance. Where your personal interests are prejudiced due to use of materials or information of this site, the results thereby shall be assumed by yourself. Where elimination or restriction of accessory or indirect damages are not allowed within the scope of applicable laws, these terms for restriction or elimination may not apply to you.


    Apart from personal information, any other information or materials (these are all protected by current privacy policy of PPC) provided through e-mails or other ways to these sites are all proprietary property of PPC, and are also deemed to be unclassified and non-exclusive content. Such information may include without limitation questions, comments, suggestions and thoughts. PPC may freely use this information for any purposes without any limitation and any compensation liability.


    For any questions about these terms of use, please directly submit to: PPC network administrator

Applicable laws

    These terms of use and the relation between you and PPC are under the jurisdiction of EU laws and internal laws in London, without regard to confliction of law principle application. Any right that PPC does not present in these terms does not mean surrender of such rights. The site indicates that you agree to submit disputes or claims led by these terms of use, transactions on these sites or any other applications on these sites to personal and exclusive jurisdiction and venue located in the court of London City for settlement.

Legal Information

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